AUGUST: A tulip’s resilience

August has come and gone, but the memory of summer is still with me! I would like to write about tulips for the month of August , which feels wonky bc they are definitely a spring associated flower, but with this wonky year, why not, right?

Reason being August is my sisters birth month and I always associate the month of August with her. Summer vacation, all the way.

August this year was a sentimental one for me. The end of summer, the end of our time in the States (we were here for 6 months to give birth to our 3rd - a baby boy!). We were insanely lucky to spend time with family on both my husband and my side.

A fun fact about tulips is that after they are cut and you put them in a vase, the stems continue to grow. Resilient little buggers aren’t they? They refuse to accept their fate and thus, they continue to grow and expand despite their surroundings. A metaphor that I for sure will contemplate as we forge on through 2020.

While we have arrived back in Italy for over a week now, this post is an ode to summer’s farewell. It’s about time I said goodbye to summer (summer didn’t feel over for me until we were back in Italy, back to our home for the next year).

So, here’s the the sweet memory of summer. Let’s think of the tulip’s resilience as we close out September (yes I realize it is September) and move on official to the fall.

Best and blossoms,


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