Facing your anemones

Happy 2019 y’all! I hope everyone reading this feels refreshed and rejuvenated from the holidays. Junebug Flowers definitely went into much needed hibernation mode and is back and ready to face 2019!

Lots of change is brewing over here in the Junebug Studios which will be communicated in the next few weeks/ months, but for now we wanted to talk about facing your “anemones” and also speak about facing your “enemies.” (haha, like that?!)

On the ‘self-help’ side of things, here’s a good quote that is swirling around my head. Maybe it’ll strike a chord with you too wherever you are in life?

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.” - Caroline Myss

Now, for the floral part of this post - FACING THE ANEMONE.

First off, yes, it’s the same word that is a marine animal. Don’t think you are saying it wrong!

The anemone - the flower with the blue center

As for flowers, although perennial, white anemones having been popping up on inspiration photos during the winter seasons over here at Junebug. They sure do POP when you see them in a bouquet, but alas, be aware that these are very temperamental flowers to work with/ request in your flower arrangements! Anemones aren’t available in a lot of locations locally, so they have to be shipped from afar. During the shipment process, they are frozen to keep fresh, but in doing so the flowers close up (think of how tulips open in the sunshine and then close up at night, similar to that). There are many tips on how to open them once they are closed (time, warm water, place in a warm spot/ sunlight, cut the stems many times a day) but no one stem or bunch is the same, so you have to roll the dice when ordering to see if you’ll get the good bunch!

Keep the above in mind when you are coming up with your floral arrangements for your next event. If you do decide to FACE YOUR ANEMONE, it’ll definitely be a learning experience and ultimately you will GROW from it. ;)

Best and blossoms!

Junebug Flowers

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