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Updated: Aug 27, 2018


Hello August!

Can’t believe it’s already August 2018! Last year at this time I was gearing up to officially launch Junebug Flowers and it seemed appropriate for this to be an introduction to who I am and an entry about the resources that got me here. I could gush and get sentimental about how the last year was a journey and adventure, but I figured this would be a nice place to share all the websites, podcasts, tools, and tidbits I used to get myself to where I am today. I’ve also shared these resources with so many people in the past year that it feels right to have them all in one location.

I hope you find some information that speaks to you in the list below!

Best and blossoms,




“A born leader, you inspire confidence. You are conservative, methodical, and GOOD WITH YOUR HANDS.”

The above is a line from Ox's Chinese zodiac description, found on placemats that can be found in many a Chinese restaurant. Being half Chinese, half Vietnamese, on the occasion our family did go out to eat for dinner, I’d say about 50% of the time I would see this placement when I sat down. Maybe the the last phrase really planted a seed in how my extracurriculars would play out in my 20’s and into my 30’s.

Professional life -

I have long battled between letting my right brain soar, while having the left brain bring me back down to earth. While I started my professional career as an accountant, I have always held creative extracurriculars and hobbies. Most notably was SBS - my bi-weekly craft group that I ran with my good friend while living in Shanghai. Before officially launching Junebug Flowers, I did a number of friends’ wedding flowers which now has led me to this amazing opportunity to be a small business owner (cue left brain skills) and being the principal designer (hello, right brain!) for all arrangements and events.

Family life -

Another key point I’d like to highlight is that I have been able to share this first year of my business with my daughter’s first year of life! After giving birth to her, I decided to dive in to the lovely world of flowers and it’s been quite the trip. All that said - starting a business and being a new mom is quite the combination, so a lot of the resources that have helped me the past year speak to being a new small business owner AND a new mom. I hope this entry helps another person in a similar situation as all of these resources have helped me this past year!



I am always in the car! Whether it's driving to/from the studio or flower wholesaler, or taking a weekend trip with the fam, podcasts have reinvented how I/we spend time in the car.

Heroine - website

“Finding my tribe…” As I mentioned in the ‘Family Life’ section above, I was introduced to motherhood this past year. For those of you who don’t know - motherhood can be quite isolating! While I did find a nice group of ladies to connect with, the Heroine podcast really helped ease the “feeling alone” pangs that I’d go through. Below are the ones I go back to - I always seem to learn something new each time!


Roz Savage - link.

Jen Sincero - link.

Erin Benzakein - link.

Ruby Warrington - link.

Rich Roll - website

The Rich Roll podcast is quite popular. He’s a vegan, ultra-athlete that used to be an attorney and he interviews people from all sorts of different backgrounds but always highlighting well-being and how to live your best life in a sense. The episodes below spoke to me as David Goggins is this amazing, super athlete that talks about pushing your limits and it all about being a mental game, and Dan Buettner is the author of Blue Zones of Happiness, a book that describes places around the world that have the happiest population, according to his methodology.


David Goggins - link.

Dan Buettner - link.


An array of books that I’ve referenced the past year and that have helped keep me to "just keep swimming!"

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney - link.

An amazing read as it profiles different women across a variety of creative industries. They share their advice on starting out.

You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero - link.

I read this book as a result of hearing the author, Jen Sincero, on the above listed Heroine podcast. A good friend of mine also happened to have read it as well!.

Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans- link.

A good book to help reframe how you view your life and your path!

The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner - link.

Listened to this on audio book as a result of hearing Dan Buettner on the Rich Roll podcast mentioned above. It has super interesting insights on how to create a happy & purposeful life.

Time Management by Brian Tracy - link.

I won’t lie - I’m pretty sure this falls under the self-help section at the bookstore, but once you get past the cheesy music (listened to on Audible) and the first few chapters that make you feel bad about yourself - it REALLY DOES help change your life for the better! (It makes you feel bad about yourself bc you are probably not doing half the things they say you should be doing!...at least I wasn’t. ;) )


I must have a shout out section to some individuals that have helped me feel empowered and less alone this past year. I hope you are able to find some mentors in your life that will help you wherever you are in your journey!

Hilary Young Creative - website.

Hilary was referred to me through my first official client! (Thanks, Hallie!) Hilary was my coach and held me accountable in those first few months of my business. She was not only a source of business support, but also a mentor (and friend!) that basically said, “You can do this!”

LILA Fashion International - Website.

The owners of LILA Fashion International - Lisa & Laura Anne - what would I do without these ladies?! Quite possibly Junebug’s biggest supporters (possibly rivaling my husband ;) ), they have been been a guiding light in my first year of business. The adventure continues with these two as I am the florist-in-residence at their “oasis” of a boutique (as described from a customer) in Manayunk, Philadelphia.

Blossom and Vine Co. - website.

Michelle of Blossom and Vine Co. is living proof that there are good people out there! Her business and unique approach to the floral design industry was the inspiration behind #junebugXLILA collaboration. I had reached out to her to thank her, letting her know that her reach extended the continent (she is based in Vancouver), and now we are pen-pals! I can’t thank her enough.


My parting advice - (if you have made it this far!) -


That means - put yourself out there! do something uncomfortable every day!...that action may just lead you to your next opportunity, and in my case the best adventure!


Lana @ Junebug Flowers