Green Means Go

The month of March was always colored green to me. The draw to St. Patrick’s Day and all of it’s fun I suppose. It wasn’t until recently that I started saying “Green means go” to my little toddler as I teach her to walk the streets of Milan. Coincidentally, this may also be very literal for my family as we take a break from Italy at the moment with all the virus outbreak dilemmas at the moment. Only time will tell!

***week-long pauses in writing***

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment (March 2020). I won’t lie, I’m mentally exhausted, so if you’re reading this maybe you are too. My March moodboard is mostly ferns and greens seen out walking. Hopefully you are able to get some fresh air and see the spurts of spring coming about. It’s been one of the best medicines for me this month, so I encourage you to go out as well!

Moodboard Images:

Top Left: Bells of Ireland hand drawing

Top Center: Fern out on a walk

Top Right: Love in a Puff Vine hand drawing

Bottom Left: White cornflower

Bottom Center: Clovers

Bottom Right: Maidenhair fern

Thanks for stopping by!

Best and blossoms,


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