Junebug's February Color Pick: PINK* (with a splash of red)

For the love of __________ .

I started brainstorming for the month of February with all intentions to concentrate on the color RED. I read all the ‘red’ chapters from the The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair (the book I’m referring to when putting together the calendar of colors), and the main point I took away from it is that red evokes INTENSE EMOTION. From there, my idea for this month came to me with the idea of


From there, the images that I started collecting for February were actually pink, which is humorous because that is what I thought of initially when I came up with this concept.

And, to face the elephant in the room about February being the month of love with Valentine’s Day…Whether or not you love or hate Valentine’s Day, it has entered our mind one way or another. Let’s take a fun spin on it - how do you see love? Love yourself? Love another person? Love your family? Love your pet? Love your surroundings? Let’s just take a moment to celebrate LOVE itself, the emotion and how you can take it to the next level this month. What is it that gets your heart racing? What makes you want to jump out of bed? I’m not lying - when I launched Calendar of Colors in January - I woke up thinking, “Oooh, I scheduled my entry to post this morning” and I shot out of bed just at the thought of it. Thump thump thump - heart pumping - my passion project!

To take the love idea one step further, here is a few ways I’d fill in the blank:

FOR THE LOVE OF ____________.

Designer Friends - the question of “what gets your heart racing?” was actually inspired by my super talented friend, Ngaire Wex. In her original ‘About Me’ page I read years ago, she conveyed that she wanted to connect people with whatever it is that “got their heart pumping” through her talents as a graphic designer.

Crafting - another amazingly talented friend I have is Sophie Reid of Little Paper Warriors. She and I have a long history of crafting love, but she never ceases to amaze me with her new designs she comes up with through LPW, and that she is continually crafting in all stages of life!

Podcasts - The Craft a Life You Love podcast by Amy Tangerine has been my main source of positivity and a creative resource the past few months. She has amazing conversations with a variety of people across multiple industries.

Red Wine - I live in Italy but am 6 months pregnant…I can’t wait to have my first full glass of red wine in a few months!

Red anemones - These flowers to me are jaw dropping. I wrote a post last year about anemones, but they continually make my heart stir.




Pink Anthurium - I found this image on Pinterest and found two interesting articles on anthuriums. The first from goodsgn.com being about it being a great indoor plant for 'natural air purity.' The second was from anthuriuminfo.com about what to do if your anthurium plant is looking discolored.

Carnations -I mentioned these in the January post, but they have popped up yet again. These are super hearty flowers that last a very long time, both in water and without. I've used them in installations and I'm also planning on giving these out to my daughters' pre-school classes for Valentine's Day as I know they can survive without water for a while and also take a beating or two. ;)

Roses - If store bought (from a retail store) - make sure to trim the bottoms of the roses when you are putting it into a vase. Also, remove any leaves that look old or ready to fall off. For the event florist - if you have bought a bunch from a wholesaler (in its original packaging) - process as soon as you can! Take the roses out of the package carefully, de-thorn the roses with gloves and a flower stripper tool, and cut the bottoms at an angle. Once you cut the bottoms, immediately put in water! Let them hydrate a day before putting them in any arrangement. Also, if you are interested in learning about why roses are popular on Valentine's Day, I found an interesting article on Readers Digest when researching. :)

Japanese Anemones - see previous Junebug journal post on Anemones. :)

Meddens Brasserie in Hilversum, Netherlands - This lovely nook of Meddens restaurant floats around Pinterest on many different boards. It made my heart skip a beat when I saw it for the first time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Best & blossoms,


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