Junebug's January Color Pick: WHITE

Hello January!!

Hard to believe it’s a new year and decade, but very excited all the same.



Hailing originally from the mid-Atlantic of the United States, I always associated the winter months, particularly January with snow (or wishing for it at least for school snow days). Even when there wasn’t snow, most days would be gray skies and life just looked cold & barren. The power of white through the lens of snow is that when it blankets the earth – all is still and you feel as if the whole world is new, just like the start of a new year. Maybe that’s why I associate January with the color white, which is this month’s Junebug color association. (Note, if you do an online search of the ‘official’ color association for January, it’s Garnet which is the birthstone as well Garnet – gemstone.org ).

If you do a deeper dive into the color white, there are mixed feelings on its originations and meanings, some not so positive, but such is life, right? Since this is supposed to be a fun and inspirational color and flower exercise, I’ll stick to the white flower colors that can be found in different flower varieties.


It really depends where you are located in the world. Again, referring back to the mid-Atlantic region for the US (and a lot of other places in the US/ northern hemisphere) during the winter month of January, sadly not a lot is available locally grown. If planning a winter event and you want to stay local & season, you can always go with the branches/ green look and forage. With that said, while local flowers aren’t available during the cold months, florists work with wholesalers to have a vast array of flowers available from different (warmer) parts of the world. That is why these flowers pictured can be available to you during this month.


- White ranunculus – Ranunculus have a soft look to them but are actually quite sturdy and have a long vase life. They also resemble a rose with their layered petals. They are grown in a variety of sizes (flower head wise) and if you are lucky you can get very large, luscious ones.

- White Tibetan rose – These are a gorgeous white rose that have a lovely bloom. Also sturdy, these are a great option if you like roses.

- Baby’s Breath – I have found people to either love or hate baby’s breath. Given the right usage, baby’s breath can be very versatile and a very fun addition to an event. With the name and small cute nature to the flower head, it’s used a lot with baby showers, I loved this detail at my own baby shower back in 2017!

- White hydrangeas – I am biased to white hydrangeas as they were a focal flower for my good friend’s wedding (pictured). This was a September wedding, but with white being so versatile, they can be quite lovely throughout the year, especially around Mother’s Day with a flower variety bouquet.

- White carnations – Carnations!! Carnations have been totally reinvented in my book. I used to have a funny association with them growing up because it was the “friendship” flower when we had school fundraisers for Valentine’s Day. But now that I’ve been on the florist side of things, I TOTALLY get it. They are pretty inexpensive per stem when bought in bulk, they come in a lot of different colors (especially super romantic pink hues, but I’ll save that for the “pink” month!), and they have an incredible vase life. When used with flower displays like the flower curtain pictured, they can last a few days without a water source!


Best and blossoms, Lana