NOVEMBER: Gold Pumpkins

Golden Orbs

Pumpkins = fall. Do you agree? They straddle the months of October and November for me. With the natural association of pumpkins to Halloween, that would have been the obvious choice, but this year they fall into November for me (read: Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!)

These featured gold pumpkins were a highlight for me back in Philadelphia 2018 but they are connected to me now forever more. For me personally, the GOLD pumpkin represents the autumn journey I've been on with Artists' Way. The main message at the moment is that we all have a brightness in us that needs to shine outwards. I hope this can resonate with you wherever you are in this season of life.

A brief tidbit on pumpkins: some have referred to it as an "American Icon," which it actually originated in North America. They were first used by Native Americans for both nutritional and everyday use by drying out out the exterior pieces.

I hope you all are out enjoying the changing colors of the leaves, and the last few remnants of pumpkins as we round the corner soon to pumpkin pies at the Thanksgiving table.

Best and blossoms,


Sources: Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon by Cindy Ott