OCTOBER: Firethorn!

We’ve started seeing these “mini oranges” as my daughter calls them around Milan. A lot of apartment complexes use this evergreen bush as a decorative barrier on perimeter fences. I thought I was first introduced (and wowed!) by these bright berries while visiting Lake Molveno and seeing this plentiful hedge (below left), but then after writing and researching for this post, I realized I had scrapbooked a vase arrangement photo* that included pyracantha from the Flower Magazine back in 2018 (below right). Super cool how the brain works - I guess I was drawn to this color a long time ago!

(LEFT: Lake Molveno, photo: Lana Tang // RIGHT: Flower Magazine Sep/Oct 2018)

These are very ‘sturdy’ plants. Because they are part of the rose family, the branches have thorns, so be careful if you want to plant them in your garden or if you’ve foraged some branches to include in your arrangement. Also, these berries may not bode well with curious pets who might munch on them.

Berries are always a great addition to an arrangement or bouquet because it adds a different texture to the usual ‘softness’ you see with flower petals. They are usually pretty hearty as well so they can last longer after they are cut, plus since they are normally on branches, if in a vase, they can hang at an angle to add a different perspective to your piece. (Tip: maybe add a clear adhesive to the berry bundle so they don’t fall off).

Thanks for stopping by - Happy October!

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The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair

Monrovia - website link

The Joy of Plants - website link

Vida - Verde - website link

Flower Magazine (Sep/Oct 2018) - online Issue from Issuu Website

*Also, I just had to mention that I’m so happy I found this article by the Local Studio, because I only had the magazine cutout without the name of the magazine, so when I searched for the caption “Carter’s bedroom Sylvester arrangement” - this blog article helped me pin point the original source!

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