Peonies & Prospertiy –

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

“LANA – make sure you have LOTS of peonies in the new space…They are meant to bring prosperity and good luck for new stores.”

// Advice given to me by my mother when sharing updates about the new space in LILA Fashion International.

This felt like the appropriate first blog post in many ways. Bringing peace and prosperity to Junebug Flower’s new ventures in the new space in Manayunk, while also reflecting on the past year as we approach our first birthday this August. It’s been quite the adventure to say the least.

I had originally intended to post this 'Peonies & Prosperity' entry in the beginning of June while peonies were at their height of the season (this season anyway since our weather has been so wonky). But alas, I've fallen into the "better late than never" debacle. I decided to post this regardless since I've been able to snag a few last bunches of peonies the past few weeks as they are taking a curtsy for the season. They have been an ABSOLUTE hit with the ladies of LILA (both the customers and owners!) Customers as sad they are retiring for the season, but don't worry - DAHLIAS will be a wonderful stand in for the queens of spring as we blaze through the heat of summer and long for the cool days of fall.

So, with deciding to jump on the "better late than never" bandwagon and JFDI-ing (Just-freaking-do-it) my way through blogging (which, btw I will lovingly call 'journaling'), I will jump into the gush and then end with PEONY care and handling at the bottom for those of you who have been able to snag some last-of-the-season peonies.

Now... to the gush!

I’ve met some wonderful humans in the past year as I’ve embarked on this flower-filled journey, and I look forward to growing those relationships (pun intended) and also look forward to the future flower friends I’m bound to meet in the years to come.

A forever thank you to Lisa and Laura Anne of LILA Fashion International for believing in Junebug Flowers and planting me in their store as resident florist. I truly cannot wait for all the future collaborations and memories we’ll create in the beautiful store.

In upcoming posts this summer and months beyond, I hope to share some insider tips and knowledge on flower care, DIY considerations with design projects, as well as lifestyle insights for some creative inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Best and blossoms,




I read the nickname for peonies as “the queen of spring,” and that they are! Once bloomed, they are a mighty presence and exclaim “HELLO, WORLD!” to all those that gaze upon their presence.

They come in a variety of colors, but my favorite is the pink to fuchsia color that just feels so vivacious. Perfect for a single stem, eye-catching tablescape, or bunched together for a real pop, you can’t really go wrong when selecting these puppies to adorn your home.

FLOWER TIPS: For the shier “ ‘queens’ of spring” that are still tight in their bud form, hold the stem firmly about 1 inch below the head and pound it on the counter like you are hammering a nail. This seems very cruel, but it will loosen up the bulb and help the peony to blossom a little bit more.

Another consideration is the bloom peak of these blooms. When purchasing, consider when you want your flowers to be real show stoppers. Have a dinner party on Saturday? Consider purchasing peonies 1 day before while they are just opening so that they are in full bloom for Saturday.