Winter has come and these sweet succulents have put on their battle armor! It’s a Game of Thrones reference stretch, but I couldn’t help but think of these cute little succulents preparing for battle as the snow was coming down yesterday in Philadelphia. We are all in awe that it snowed so early this year, but in all honesty, it’s been feeling a lot like Christmas around the LILA store and Junebug studio, so we’re here to say, “bring on the cold!”

Last year we introduced the ‘bento-box’ style wrapped succulent as a #junebugxlila holiday collaboration, and although we may see some more of those in the coming weeks, I wanted to showcase these fun little things to start off the holiday season. These turned out better than I anticipated, and I’m hoping you are able to come by the LILA Store and Girl Holding a Pen - Pop Up to snag one for yourself or as a hostess gift for your next holiday party!

The perfect hostess gift

Since succulents are all the rage, below are some tips on how to care for your succulent:

- Succulents are resilient. You don’t need to water often, maybe once a week or after the top soil is dry after a few days. When in doubt, DON’T water!

- Ideal vessels to hold succulents should have a drainage hole, but if your vessel does not have one, water the succulent with just enough water so that the end of the roots are reached. With smaller succulents, you can use a dropper or small spoon - drop the water right above the soil, below the leaves.

- Make sure to remove leaves that have dried or have fallen off as you don’t want moisture (and therefore rot) to build up.

Are you prepping for winter with your battle armor?! We hope you stay warm, cozy and safe as we enter the winter holiday season. Don’t be afraid to let out your battle cry!

Best and blossom,

Lana @ Junebug Flowers